MacOS Mojave Accessibility List Blank Potential Fix

Documenting in case this is helpful to others and they somehow manage to find this post.

After updating the work Mac to Mojave, my window management app, Magnet, wasn’t working. It seemed to have lost its access to MacOS’s Accessibility functionality (ironic). While the application prompted me to re-enable the permissions (found under the Security & Privacy section of System Preferences) the list was blank, and I was unable to add it via the list controls.

Looking around on the internet, I landed on this potential fix on Apple’s support site. Specifically, removing the /Library/Application Support/ file and restarting the machine as noted by user I located the file on my machine, made a backup elsewhere (safety first kids), removed the original, and restarted. When the system came back up, all was well. The list was repopulated and I didn’t even have to go back in an re-enable Magnet. It seemed to have reverted to the old config.

And in case you’re unsure how to get into the Library folder, a quick reminder.

Update 4/25/2019

Looks like deleting the file didn’t actually do the trick. Further digging seems to point to the corporate antivirus causing the issue, but there was still one more of Alex’s steps to try. Changing the permissions on the TCC folder to read/write for everyone has held through a couple of restarts, so, fingers crossed.

Update 4/26/2019

Nope. Didn’t hold. Guess I’m no down to begging the IT overlords to exclude the TCC.db file from the antivirus software. If they let me, I’ll report back.

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