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Simple animated GIFs in Sketch with AnimateMate

As I’m currently the sole “design” resource at my job, I occasionally get requests for some help that is outside my usual purview. My usual being drawing lots of boxes in various shades of grey. Ah, the glamorous life of user experience designer. The latest was for some simple graphics and mockups to support a marketing blog post. […]

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Zooper Widget and Minima Live Wallpaper

    Often, when someone looks at my phone, they ask me how I got my home screen to look the way it does. So I thought I’d share my setup and how I created it. As a bona fide Android junkie, I’ve long embraced the practice of customizing the home screen to individual preferences, […]

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Chrooma Keyboard

On the surface, Chrooma Keyboard may be one of the more frivolous purchases I’ve made for my phone, but it has turned out to be a fun addition to my Android devices that helps create a more unified experience when interacting with the plethora of apps I have installed.

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