Font icon image generator

I stumbled on a handy little utility a little while back as I was working on some updates for the site. I needed some simple icon based images, but was working on my Chromebook, which meant I didn’t have access to my usual image editors. I knew some of the icon fonts out there would have what I needed, but I had no easy way to create an image using them.


I want to ride my bicycle

Enter, which based on the url, I assume started with the goal of taking the venerable Font Awesome and creating PNGs. It now supports multiple icon based fonts, but still does exactly what the url implies. You can search amongst the supported icon fonts, select size & color of the icon, choose a background color if desired, and bam, you’ve got yourself a handy little icon image. text


 Not much more to it really, and that isn’t a slight. The tool does exactly what it promises. Enough so that I felt it was worth chipping in to support server costs. And I’ll give the devs credit for their transparency on server costs.

Refreshing transparency