Chrooma Keyboard

On the surface, Chrooma Keyboard may be one of the more frivolous purchases I’ve made for my phone, but it has turned out to be a fun addition to my Android devices that helps create a more unified experience when interacting with the plethora of apps I have installed.

Having been quite content with Google’s vanilla keyboard for some time, I hadn’t really expected to be swapping my keyboard anytime soon. Swiftkey and its ilk didn’t really tempt me, as having used them in the past I wasn’t really missing any features I wanted. Plus, I’m an becoming more and more of an android purist, so I didn’t want to move away from the core feel and functionality of the Google keyboard. So what convinced me to drop down my cup of coffee equivalent?

At its simplest, Chrooma is best described as a color changing keyboard. The keyboard attempts to match the background color of the keys to the primary color of the app being used. While it isn’t always a perfect match, the effect is surprisingly effective at making the keyboard feel like a cohesive part of the app. Failing that, you can set a default color of choice to match your tastes.

Beyond the chameleon effect (and yes, I know chameleons don’t change their color to match their background), Chrooma pretty much behaves like three Google keyboard. There are a few bells and whistles thrown in like an automatic night mode, the option to display a number row, and the ability to adjust the overall size of the keyboard.

Is it completely necessary? Not at all, but now that I’ve tried it, I’ll take my blue, red, green, and purple keyboard over boring old grey any day.

Chrooma Keyboard is available from Google Play.